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About the Rover Mini

The first Mini hit the streets in 1959, it was Morris's answer to soaring fuel prices due to the soaring fuel prices after the oil crisis in the Suez Canal. Sir Leonard Lord of the Morrix Company challenged his top engineer, Alec Issigonis, to design a smald and fuel-efficient car that could carry four adults and that pretty much anyone could afford.


To achieve these aims Issigonis pushed the wheels as far to the corners as possible and created one of the first mass-produced front wheel drive cars. This low-cost, nimble, stylish package became a cultural phenomenon around the world. Having the wheels pushed to the corners also meant gokart like handling, the Mini became a sensation on the race track as well, made famous by the innovative racer John Cooper.

This particular 1993 Rover Mini spent most of it's life in Japan, you'll notice the Japanese style fender mounted side mirrors. When cars began requiring side mounted mirrors in Japan, designers started placing them on the fenders so that they wouldn't stick out past the side of the car, legend has it that the trend may also have begun with Taxi drivers who did not want to appear to be turning toward their passengers, invading their privacy. Either way, we think they look great on this little runt of a car.